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equipoise n : equality of distribution [syn: balance, equilibrium, counterbalance]

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  • /ˈɛkwɪpɔɪz/


  1. A state of balance; equilibrium.
  2. A counterbalance.
    • 1911, H. G. Wells, The Cone,
      The cone’s not fixed, it’s hung by a chain from a lever, and balanced by an equipoise.


state of balance
  • Dutch: evenwicht
  • Dutch: tegenwicht


  1. To act or make to act as an equipoise.
  2. To cause to be or stay in equipoise.


act or make to act as equipoise
cause to be or stay in balance

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Equipoise is the state of being balanced or in equilibrium, usually connoting something that is a product of counterbalancing.
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